“Richard Vargas's newest poetry collection, Guernica, revisited, is a palimpsest of modern-day struggles and life's most intimate beauty. The poems hum and roar like a fluid symphony where each movement's high notes hit a perfect observation of vulgarity and greed, of fear where Superman faces charges of illegality and sits with other detainees, of sweetness and nature, where the innocence of feeding a wild bird and saving a lost child are tempered by sobering words of witness.” --Melinda Palacio, author of How Fire Is a Story, Waiting, awarded a 2013 International Latino Book Award, and Ocotillo Dreams 

"Richard Vargas weaves the humdrum aspects of everyday existence into the poetic fabric of a well-turned phrase, a hard-won insight, a burst of epiphanous light. It's a rare talent that can do that." ~ Luis J. Rodriguez, author of Always Running, and Music of the Mill

“…Richard Vargas captures the complex relationships of the everyman, creating vignettes that make them larger-than-life, at least for the blink of an eye. Vargas has a keen understanding of simple lives wrought with everyday despair, and his work conveys this with caring, honesty, and humor.” ~ nila Northsun, author of Diet Pepsi & Nacho Cheese, and Love at Gunpoint 
 “The Establishment encourages poetry to be religious, esoteric, tame ---because poetry unleashed is a revolutionary form and is threatening. But Richard Vargas’s poems defy such limits that mostly make poetry, even if technically brilliant, boring to anyone but specialists. He is part of a poetic revolution emanating from Long Beach, California, sparked by the remarkable Gerald Locklin, encouraging poetry to be about issues we all care about, both public and private.” ~ Edward Field, author of Variety Photoplays, After the Fall: Poems Old and New, and The Man Who Would Marry Susan Sontag 

Richard Vargas